Killer Camp: A New Show on the CW

I like slasher films, such as watching the good times unfold at Camp Crystal Lake. Did you hear about the new show Killer Camp?

Thursday, July 16th, the new reality TV series Killer Camp premiered on the CW, and I’m watching right now.

Let’s see if this is any fun.

Poster for new CW show Killer Camp

It begins with… “11 real-life strangers applied to be on a show they thought was called ‘Summer Camp’.”

Oh…a little bait and switch? I’m game.

A yellow school bus travels down a tree-lined road, and the passengers, all types of people, different ages and from different places, each come with a title. The Tough Guy…The Beauty Queen…The Film Geek…The Joker…The Outsider…The Gym Bunny…The Diva…The Vegan…The Music Nerd…The Forensic Nurse…The Nice Guy.

Happy and excited, they arrive at Camp Pleasant, AKA Killer Camp, just like the beginning of any good slasher film, though I feel as if their smiles will soon be wiped away…right?

Well, hi there, Camp Counselor Bobby, and guy in a mask-like thing lurking in the woods. I’m sure the thing in his hand is nothing but a harmless toy or his phone so he can play Pokemon Go.

Or not, because we begin with a boom and shock and horror, then some bad news. What these adorable campers thought was a fun romp on a show about summer camp is not. Welcome to Killer Camp, and ONE OF THE CAMPERS IS THE KILLER.

The campers’ mission…identify the killer, who has control of the horrendous psychopath Camp Handyman Bruce.

Find the killer, win money. Awesome.

Each night one person is chosen to die. Not awesome.


The cabin is nice, except for the mangled picture of…well, no spoilers.

The loudspeaker! LOL

Play a game, compete in a challenge, and earn money that you can win…only the killer will be looking to sabotage everything.

A campfire, where the campers sit and discuss what they think, but letting the killer know what you think could get you killed.

Compete to win clues to the killer’s identity! Nice. Though I’m sure they aren’t helpful immediately, gotta pay attention and play the game. They shared the clues. Would you share your clue?

Camp counselor Bobby…you’re creepy.

A challenge to win immunity will keep you safe from the killer and you can stay in the game. I’d fight for that, but THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.

I definitely want that unicorn floaty.


Aw. Friendship blooms in the midst of possible decapitation or stabbing.

Day is done. Challenges complete. Immunity won. As a swing creaks in the night, people chat and speculate. Would you talk? Would you say who you suspect? If you do…would that put a target on your back?

As they gather around the fire, Counselor Bobby throws out a twist that two people, chosen by the killer, get to go on a nighttime excursion. I’m sure a moonlit Segway trip through the forest at night WILL BE FINE, though, I wouldn’t go. Nope.

Counselor Bobby, YOU ARE CREEPY.

As the chosen two wander off to their fates, everyone else hears a scary story about the two who are happily riding down separate paths, in the dark, and listens in stunned silence.

Here comes Camp Handyman Bruce setting a trap, which looks a bit painful. A fun and horrible death occurs in the shadows of the trees, but I won’t say who.

The show tests teamwork skills, maybe try not to dwell on the fact that who you’re working with might order your death, and plays on fear. The choices, be honest and share your thoughts, trusting the fellow campers, or keep opinions locked safely away and hope to survive.

How would you play the game?

Physical and mental challenges all while trying to solve a mystery…welcome to a real life horror movie. Overall, a little cheesy, and dramatic, but entertaining, so I’ll keep watching, wondering, and guessing. As I ponder who could possibly be behind the gruesome deaths (and accept that I’ll probably be wrong), I’ll enjoy the ways the campers die.

Would you sign up for the show and live in a slasher movie? How do you think you would do? Would you like to be a player…or the killer?

Will you watch? Who do you think the killer is?

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