Happy Birthday Mary!

Today, we’re lighting candles and chanting ancient songs to celebrate Mary’s birthday. You know her as the queen of writing schedules, slinger of spooky words, and drinker of iced coffee out of skulls (literally).

Today we celebrate Mary because we’re so thankful she’s alive and in our lives! Don’t forget to stop by Mary’s Twitter and wish her happy birthday!

You can’t kick off a party without some fun drinks, so today we made something special. It’s called a Witch’s Heart, and it’s made with apply brandy, shimmery liquor, grenadine, and dry ice!

You can find the recipe here.

Next up, we made you a cake. We hope you like it. It’s made of crystals — amethysts to be exact.

We also set the table and got out our finest goblin plates, just for you.

Found here

Today we raise our glasses to you! Happy birthday Mary!

Mary! Happy birthday! Thank you for being such an amazing friend. You’re a bright light in this world with your energy, stories, and the fun you bring to our whole group. Thank you for being you and for sharing your creativity with the world.

We don’t deserve you but damn am I glad the world has you! Happy birthday lady! Much love!

I’m so happy to be celebrating you today, Mary! You’re both an inspiration as a spooky friend and a writer.

You’re the hardest working writer I know, and I’m blown away by all you’ve accomplished this year. You need a calendar fabulous enough to keep track of all the scary stories you’re cooking up these days.

And nights, too! You’re earned a cauldron of strong cold brew coffee after your long hours of writing.

And don’t worry. The coven is working on some baked goods for snacking after your party.

I wish you the best of years, full of happiness and easy editing.


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MARY! I hope you have the most magical birthday ever. You work so hard and are so supportive, you deserve all the magic. *drags out my cauldron*

I found you a friend!

He’s cute and knows many spells.

But not everything is cute…do you know of the Lechuza? An owl…a witch…a monster? Something to fuel your horror brain!

Happy birthday!



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Happy birthday! I hope today brings you even half the amount of joy we all get every day from knowing you. It’s been said by others here, but you truly are an inspiration, as you are the most dedicated and prolific writer that I know. More importantly though, you are one of the kindest and most supportive people I have ever met.

It’s been almost a year since we had our Midnight Society meetup, and the memory of it is something I treasure so much. So let’s celebrate that memory today.

I hope your birthday is amazing!!


Happy Birthday Mary!

This cake is right up your alley! I would love to sit and share a piece with you. You are amazing and I hope your birthday is too!




The Midnight Society

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