Welcome New Members Kim and Kathy!

We have so many incredible members. I’m so thankful for Amy, Faith, Kira, Jennifer, and Suzy.  Today, we proudly add two more to our team!

Welcome Kathy Palm!

Welcome Kim Graff!

These two ladies are so talented! Both of the bring expertise, vibrance, experience, and love for books to the team. I can’t wait to see what their evil genius brains cook up. Here’s a little more about them.

About Kathy Palm


Kathleen Palm is missing and presumed dead. Her family discovered the front door ripped from its hinges, the living room covered in blood and chocolate chips, her water glass shattered on the floor, and a doll head lurking on her favorite spot on the couch. Her husband is on record saying that he should have believed her when she told him that evil dolls had been stalking her.

Kathy will be remembered for her belief in magic, love of weird and scary stories, and fear of the monsters in the closet. She leaves behind her two children, a husband, a large collection of Stephen King books, and drawers full of horror movies. Her favorite authors were Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Neal Shusterman, Scott Westerfeld, and Holly Black. She will be missed by all Trekkies, Whovians, and Browncoats.

Her twisted fairy tales ‘Dark Wolf’ and ‘Together’ can be found in the anthology Fairy Twisted Tales for a Horribly Ever After. She will be unable to enjoy the release of her debut book, a YA fantasy titled DOORS, in the winter of 2016, and the publication of her horror story ‘Price to Pay’ in an upcoming anthology.

Her search for ghosts, faeries, and the TARDIS has come to an end. A party will be held to celebrate her life, please bring chocolate.

If you wish to pay your respects please visit:



About Kim Graff


Kim is a YA author represented by Carrie Pestritto of Prospect Agency, and currently the intern for Bree Ogden at D4EO Literary Agency. In that past, she has worked ash intern at P.S. Literary, Astaea Press, and personal assistant to best-selling author Gennifer Albin. She is also a freelance editor at Wild Things Editing.

She runs a book blog called YA Asylum that focuses on both YA literature and horror where she expresses her love for all things creepy, weird, and whimsical, and sister—oh, and zombies. Gotta love zombies.

You can find her on twitterpinterestinstragram, or check out her website.

  • Kathy Palm
    March 10, 2015

    Eeeeeeek! I am so excited and honored to be a part of this group!

    • Tana
      Kathy Palm
      March 11, 2015


  • Tana
    March 11, 2015

    Aw, dangnabbit! So sad to see Kathy go! I warned her that that “cookie recipe” was really a dark incantation once it reached “1 1/4 cups doll soul,” but that only made her more interested in it.
    “It might be bad, but it has chocolate in it, so it can’t be all bad!” were her last words before the Kitchenaid mixer created a whirling vortex that pulled her in to… well… who-knows-where.
    Rest in Otherworld (or wherever), my friend.

    I see that Kim Graff is also a recent victim. I remember her awesomeness from Twitter. She was super cool, so I hope she rests in peace as well. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • Kathy Palm
      March 11, 2015

      I will continue to haunt you.

      • Tana
        Kathy Palm
        March 11, 2015

        Thank goodness! I wouldn’t have it any other way! ;-;

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