kathy palm


Happy Birthday Krampus Palm!

Kathy (during the holidays this year had her Twitter profile set to display Krampus Palm) is one of our favorite people in the whole wide world. And today is her birthday! You can also stop by and wish her happy birthday on Twitter. So today we celebrate you Kathy for your wonderful imagination, your thoughtfulness, your great humor, your amazing writing abilities, and your love for movies! (Have you checked out her Twitter movie nights?! You have to!) How are we going to celebrate?! With a good, old fashioned Harry Potter party, themed with her house of course.[...]


Happy Birthday Kathy!

Happy birthday Kathy! There's no better way to bring in the New Year than to celebrate you, your birth, and the sunshine that you bring into the world. We thought for your birthday, we'd invite a few fairies to the party. The problem is--not all of them we're good. In fact, within minutes they started spreading their fairy dust and things around the room started to float... *Shrug, oh well, seems like just another normal day here at the Midnight Society mansion...   To start off, I wanted to give you a special elixir. Could be poison...I guess you wont[...]


Happy Happy Birthday Kathy!!!!

Happy happy birthday Kathy! The spirit and the fairies are swirling and dancing around, celebrating you out in the graveyard as we speak. They mentioned something about the curse being broken with this birthday, but I'm not entirely sure what that means. We love Kathy for so many reasons. For one, she's the GIF queen. Don't believe me? Follow her on Twitter (you're welcome in advance). She's also an incredible writer. You can read her free scary story Crimson Reality here, you can follow her blog, and you can add her upcoming novel DOORS on Goodreads. The s[...]


Welcome New Members Kim and Kathy!

We have so many incredible members. I'm so thankful for Amy, Faith, Kira, Jennifer, and Suzy.  Today, we proudly add two more to our team! Welcome Kathy Palm! Welcome Kim Graff! These two ladies are so talented! Both of the bring expertise, vibrance, experience, and love for books to the team. I can't wait to see what their evil genius brains cook up. Here's a little more about them. About Kathy Palm Kathleen Palm is missing and presumed dead. Her family discovered the front door ripped from its hinges, the living room covered in blood and chocolate chips, her[...]