Happy Birthday Krampus Palm!

Kathy (during the holidays this year had her Twitter profile set to display Krampus Palm) is one of our favorite people in the whole wide world. And today is her birthday! You can also stop by and wish her happy birthday on Twitter.

So today we celebrate you Kathy for your wonderful imagination, your thoughtfulness, your great humor, your amazing writing abilities, and your love for movies! (Have you checked out her Twitter movie nights?! You have to!)

How are we going to celebrate?! With a good, old fashioned Harry Potter party, themed with her house of course… Gryffindor!

We started the celebration by decorating the Gryffindor common room for your birthday, so we put up some streamers and left up the tree. Brian started a fire (honestly, who let him play with matches?), and the rest of us took turns hiding your presents around the room. Whatever you do, don’t sit down fast on the giant armchair. You’ll break what I hid there. Best to grab that one first.


We took a little video before we decorated. You might want to play it for inspiration.

Amy and Vicki made you a cake. It looks pretty delicious. Don’t tell anyone, but it is. I may have had a nibble when Hermione came through the portal. The perfect distraction.

Mary and Jenna tried their hand at making homemade chocolate frogs. They did a pretty good job, actually, but went a little heavy on the jumping spell. These frogs have a lot of jumps in them. They’re delicious though if you can catch one!


Erica planned the party games. I hope you’re ready to turn to page 394 and head down to the dungeons for a potions lesson. We’ll be making goblin snot juice, fizzy cauldron cordials, and a number of other magical mentionables.

We also got you a very special gift. Your very own time turner! Hermione was nice enough to give hers up. But be careful, there are consequences to improperly meddling with time!

Kathy, you bring so much wonderful magic to this group. Your spirit, adventure, and the way you see magic in all things inspires me so much. You are so kind and encouraging, you truly are a gift to everyone you meet. Happy birthday amazing person. I hope you have an incredible year around the sun! Love, Jolene

Kathy! Not only are you delightfully creative and incredibly talented, you introduced me to WeDEANSday, and for that I will be forever grateful.

I adore you, Kath! Enjoy your special day!

Mare xoxo

Happy birthday, Kathy! Looking forward to another year of movie watching and live Tweets! I brought Night of the Comet for us to watch at the party!


Happy Birthday Kathy! We hope you have the best birthday yet!

With love,

The Midnight Society

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