Happy Birthday Kathy!

Happy birthday Kathy! There’s no better way to bring in the New Year than to celebrate you, your birth, and the sunshine that you bring into the world. We thought for your birthday, we’d invite a few fairies to the party.

The problem is–not all of them we’re good. In fact, within minutes they started spreading their fairy dust and things around the room started to float…

*Shrug, oh well, seems like just another normal day here at the Midnight Society mansion…


To start off, I wanted to give you a special elixir. Could be poison…I guess you wont know until you drink it.

You can find the recipe here.

And I couldn’t help it but I found you the perfect cake to go along with it. Beautiful, mysterious, with elegant pieces of darkness, just like you!


Lastly, I thought you might want an enchanted dress. Here is your gown, birthday fae.



Kathy, you are a magical woman. You’re kind, thoughtful, and so creative. You’re a fantastic writer and you bring magic to everyday life. Thank you for being such a kind human and a good friend. You are one of a kind.

Happy Birthday, Kathy!!

It’s your special day today, so celebrate the only way you should:

Fairy SignPlay with fairies Sign Rustic Wood by BelleVieArtDecor

You are an amazing and talented writer that I’m thankful to call my friend. Have an amazing day!!!





Happy Birthday Kathy!


Much love,


The Midnight Society

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