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Killer Camp: A New Show on the CW

I like slasher films, such as watching the good times unfold at Camp Crystal Lake. Did you hear about the new show Killer Camp? Thursday, July 16th, the new reality TV series Killer Camp premiered on the CW, and I'm watching right now. Let's see if this is any fun. Poster for new CW show Killer Camp It begins with... "11 real-life strangers applied to be on a show they thought was called 'Summer Camp'." Oh...a little bait and switch? I'm game. A yellow school bus travels down a tree-lined road, and the passengers, all types of people, different[...]


What I’m Thankful for: Horror Edition Part 2

It's almost my favorite day of the year...Thanksgiving. Not all of the family will be at the house this year. We'll be missing my sister and brother-in-law, but I'll still have 16 of my loved ones all under the same roof. Cooking for this many is a lot of work, but I still love hosting this celebration. Last week, the planning of this huge dinner was just a label for a new board on Pinterest. Today I type Part 2 of my thankful post with the aroma of pecan pie swirling in the air. Yum! What I'm Thankful for: 6.  The CW I know last week I gave a shout out for the[...]