nightmare before christmas


Til Death Do Us Part: Best Spooky Couples

Being that Valentine's day is this weekend and our theme this week on the Midnight Society is Til Death Do Us Part (Romance in Horror), I wanted to talk about some of my absolutely favorite spooky couples from movies. And then I want to hear from you. Which spooky couple is your favorite? Oh, and if you're following along on the series, Faith has already kicked off our theme with a post on The Bride of Frankenstein! Check it out. There is not much that I love in the world, more than horror. But I do love romance and horror. Which of the people below are your favor[...]


Holly Horror Christmas

Are things getting a little too... holly jolly around your neck of the woods? I love the holidays and queue up Christmas movies like I've been waiting all year, but man, some of those decorations are just a little too pristine for my tastes. If there is any holiday that's creepy, it's Christmas. Some old dude creeps around in your house and leaves things under a tree? Strangers knock on your door and sing at you? It's begging for some more in depth horror story treatment, I'm telling you. I've compiled a little Pinterest Board of Holly Horror, with the best wreat[...]