Dias de Muertos

Halloween has come and gone, and already the stores have started stocking holiday items. I hate this feeling -- the one you get when you see tinsel and prefab knit stockings two weeks before the clock strikes midnight on my favourite holiday of the year. I hide at home. Don't go into stores. Try to avoid the red and green and silver. It's too soon, and I'm not ready to let go quite yet. Being November 1st, I'm still holed up in my apartment, still sitting in my Halloween costume, trying to convince myself that's it's not over yet. And you know, it sorta is and i[...]


Travelling Weird: La Isla de la Munecas

Over the past few days, I've been having the "horror" discussion a few times with a few different individuals. What is it? What makes it appealing? Does all horror fall under the same umbrella? Where do you draw the line between the things that creep and the things that scare versus the things meant to titillate and disgust? I think it's all relative -- we draw from experience and expand the lens on the things that dig into our history both as individuals and collectively. What scares me might scare you, but maybe not. In the effort to overturn a few rocks, to p[...]