A Fearful Introduction

Hey everyone! My name is Jenna J. and I am new around here!!! I am super excited to be a part of The Midnight Society!!! Like, you really don’t understand the depths of my excitement. I am a writer who loves horror, young adult novels, and watching endless amounts of Netflix. I am a twenty something girl who lives in California and works in accounting at a university. I am someone who is still trying to figure out where I belong and what I belong to. I am an introvert to the core and I am not very good with people. But that’s all the boring stuff. On to[...]


Infographic: Why are we afraid of the dark

Confession time, because I find myself in a horrific situation and it just keeps on going: I HAVE NO INTERNET AT HOME. About a month and a half back I decided to switch providers because I wanted more bandwidth for less money, and the transfer process in in its second week with no respite in sight. Let me tell you something, Midnighters -- where I live its as cold as a witch's ***** and I ain't shuffling off to the library to make use of the free wifi which I need to research my next article (which, by the way, was a fun little exploration of the Bell Witch Haun[...]


My Phobia

Here at The Midnight Society we talk a lot about fear. Some of us are afraid of clown, while others fear moving doll parts. What we haven't talked about are phobias. First of all, what exactly is the difference? A fear is the response to a real and true threat. Fear is something you can overcome. Phobias are more intense, anxiety causing, and sometimes a extreme irrational fear of something that poses very little actual threat. These little buggers aren't so easy to get over. I have a phobia and it's called Lilapsophobia--fear of tornadoes/storms. While my hus[...]