Halloween is almost here!

I know. Halloween isn't for another 7 weeks, but I can't help it. I'm ready to plan my decorations, costumes, and even the nibbles. If you're anything like me, you hit Pinterest for some inspiration. Where else can one find great ideas? Now if only to narrow it down...   https://www.pinterest.com/kissedbyink/halloween-party-decorations/   https://www.pinterest.com/kissedbyink/halloween-nibbles/ https://www.pinterest.com/kissedbyink/halloween-lawn-decorations/      


Till Death Do Us Part- Horror Weddings

When celebrating Valentine's Day, one often things of romantic dates and even weddings. Of course, any wedding we might feature would have to be horror themed. I've created an awesome Pinterest board and filled it with amazing ideas for a horror themed wedding. Here is one of my favorite pictures from my search: I found that some brides and grooms go all out and paint their faces to look like zombies, while others focus on creating a creepy atmosphere. There are so many ideas out there, so instead of posting them all here check out the board I created. It migh[...]


Zombies? Frankenstein Was Undead Before It Was Cool!

When I was a kid my favorite thing to draw was Frankenstein's monster. Eventually, I drew a little monster family, and wrote little stories about their adventures together. They had a little dog, too. Frances, the daughter, really liked math and science, and liked to play with building frankenbugs. Some kids are cooler than others. I thought it'd be fun to do a post about my love of Frankenstein and fill your brains up with some frankenlove, but when that post crept up over a thousand words, I thought, how about a series of posts where we can just keep talking[...]


Best Haunted Pinterest Boards

What Pinterest is known for doing really well, is telling you how to decorate your house. So you can be damned sure that it is a great place to look at Halloween decoration pretties, but that's not all the creepy goodness that's out there this time of year. Costumes, food, printable fun... Pinterest has the spirit. Haunted Mansion --this is one of the biggest and best pinterest boards out there! 8k+ pins, full of haunted interior design. Gorgeous.  Holidays {Halloween}  -- This board has 600+ fun pins full of ideas for your Halloween party. Haunting Home[...]


Once Upon a Midnight Pinning

Pinterest is the place to look for inspiration--whether it's for a book you're writing, a painting, what to wear, how to decorate your house, or what book to read next. If you're looking for inspiration that's maybe a little... dark. macabre. creepy. bloody. Different. Well, The Midnight Society of course has you covered. There are 20 boards up for whiling away the midnight hour, and we're always up for suggestions for more! After I noticed how beautiful our boards look with the Pinterest widget, I just had to feature five of them here to grab your attention...[...]