Til Death Do Us Part–My Favorite Final Couples

Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and all week we've been celebrating romance in horror here on the site. I'll be continuing that trend today with a look at three of my favorite final couples. These are the couple that weathered the proverbial storm, survived the horror, maybe even defeated the ultimate evil. However they got there, at the end of the day they were still standing, and I like to think their love was stronger for it. So without further ado, here are three of my favorite final couples.   Nick and Elizabeth--The Fog (1980) The Fog features two of[...]


Growing Up Scared… 80s Horror

Welcome to October Fear Fest here at The Midnight Society! It is our favorite month of the year when all the ghosties and ghoulies come out to play. Mwahahahahaha! Horror history week! I give you a glimpse of 80s horror. I remember the horror in my history. I am a child of the 80s and there are a few movies I watched as a kid that stuck with me, that still give me chills, that left images permanently burned into my mind. I can't say that I knew I liked horror back in the good ole days. I only knew that if my dad was watching it, it must be cool. And no matte[...]


Poltergeist, the Remake… A Mistake?

Being a horror fan, when I heard of the remake of Spielberg's 1982 movie POLTERGEIST, my reaction should have been... However, it was more like... Why? I am a fan of the original. There is nothing wrong with it. So many people, including many of us here at The Midnight Society, have been scarred for life by the clown doll, kid-eating tree, and child-devouring closet. Fabulous stuff, people. So, a remake? From this... to this... The trailers made it obvious that the special effects were... well, special. But was this movie the same story with updated[...]


Horror? But You Seem So Nice…

The strange and dark things that exist in my mind surprise people. I seem so nice. So innocent. Well, not exactly. For my first post here with The Midnight Society (EEEEEEKK!) I want to introduce myself... or more specifically the dark side of myself. The weird, the fantastic, the scary have always drawn me to gaze into the shadows, to look under the bed and in the closet, well, maybe not the closet. Let's not go crazy. There are monsters in there. Seriously, you know that, right? My love of horror began long ago. Books like 'The Spell of the Sorcerer's Sk[...]


Reboot of the Horror Movie

Love horror? If you search the Internet, you'll find just how many horror films will be releasing over the next two years. Today, the focus is on horror reboots. While there are many being talked about, only a handful have made progress in writing, casting, and filming. I have seen every one of the originals. The Crow was dark and haunting. Frankenstein was amazing in black and white. Poltergeist scarred me for life. Carrie is the book that almost wasn't. The story behind Stephen King's path to success is as amazing as the movie version is. Gremlins--a stuffed[...]



Fear. We all feel it, whether it’s a fictitious entity like a killer clown or it’s a psychological one. Fears morph into different beings as we get older, but the heart-pounding, pulse racing feeling we get when scared doesn’t change. My first fear was...dolls. After watching the movie POLTERGIEST in third grade, I was scared to death that my dolls would come to life and drag me under my bed. I know now that I was way too young to watch that movie, but that’s what happens when you have older neighbors with a scramble box. In fact, the fear of dolls is s[...]