We all feel it, whether it’s a fictitious entity like a killer clown or it’s a psychological one. Fears morph into different beings as we get older, but the heart-pounding, pulse racing feeling we get when scared doesn’t change.

My first fear was…dolls.

After watching the movie POLTERGIEST in third grade, I was scared to death that my dolls would come to life and drag me under my bed. I know now that I was way too young to watch that movie, but that’s what happens when you have older neighbors with a scramble box. In fact, the fear of dolls is so far behind me that I recently bought a few for my office.

Yes. Dolls in my office. Here’s my favorite:


As a teen (and until two years ago), I had a HUGE fear of clowns. Bet you can guess where this came from. Right?

If you guessed Stephen King’s IT, then you win a prize. Granted, this is my favorite horror novel ever, but sweet lord that Pennywise was creepy! My son actually helped me to get past my fear of clowns. He had one chase me at our local amusement park during Haunt! It totally amused him of course, and I learned how irrational my fear was.

With my two biggest fears conquered, I have a few psychological ones–like sharing my writing. That feeling of terror and the pounding of my heart keeps me coming back for more. Through the stories I write, I’m able to push the limits and allow myself to be dark and scary. So for my weekly blog posts, you can be sure I’ll be leading you down into the dungeon where things go bump in the night and you can conquer your fears.

Until then…tell me, what are you afraid of?

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