Horror Book Alert: Bloody Red Nose

On Friday the 13th, a new horror anthology entered the world, bringing light and love...and CLOWNS...okay, maybe not all light and love. But this collection of 15 stories isn't about the scary clown holding a blood-colored balloon, you know the one right outside your house...RIGHT NOW THE ONE THAT IS COMING TO KILL YOU? Just kidding! Maybe... Anyway, this book focuses on taking the creepy killer out of the clown and give us what clowns fear instead.     In a world filled with menace, dare to paint on a grin. The world is full of images of scary[...]


Goodreads Horror Book Lists

I'm a huge fan of Goodreads and there's one feature I love about it the most...Goodreads Listopia. What in the heck is Goodreads Listopia? Goodreads Listopia are lists of books that are created by users in order to lump similar books together. Users can also vote on books that they think should be added to the lists. You can do a general search of Listopia by using this link. My Favorite Horror Listopia Lists There's a multitude of MG and YA horror book lists on Goodreads so I thought that I would share a few of my favorites. Best YA Horror Books and Series Y[...]


Fear and a Winner!

Fear. It's what glues us to our seat during a scary movie. But if we are truly scared, why watch the movie? Why read the book? Well, it's all about the chemicals in our brains. I guess we're funny that way. Literally. When we are scared, our brains produce the same chemicals as when we're happy. So if you ever wondered just why you enjoy that feeling of dread and anxiety...that's why. Over the years, my fears have changed. I went from being scared of dolls, to a fear of clowns (Coulrophobia). I have to say I'm glad I'm over that one, what with my favorite show h[...]



Fear. We all feel it, whether it’s a fictitious entity like a killer clown or it’s a psychological one. Fears morph into different beings as we get older, but the heart-pounding, pulse racing feeling we get when scared doesn’t change. My first fear was...dolls. After watching the movie POLTERGIEST in third grade, I was scared to death that my dolls would come to life and drag me under my bed. I know now that I was way too young to watch that movie, but that’s what happens when you have older neighbors with a scramble box. In fact, the fear of dolls is s[...]