Thoroughbreds Is Not Heathers – It’s More

  Thoroughbreds is not Heathers. It seems like every movie with teen girls and dark humor invokes Heathers. Heathers came out in 1988, and it was shocking and perfect for the time. It captured, as nothing before it had, the cynicism of students, the toothless administrators, and the deep emotional cruelty of teen girls. Veronica’s crush on the dangerous new boy in town resonated with young women, and they were empowered by her rejection of him when he went too far. Thoroughbreds is not Heathers. It’s something more. It’s quiet. It’s slow moving[...]


Hi Babes, I’m Back! – The Babysitter Series from R.L. Stine

Lately, I've been making bi-weekly trips down to my local used book store The Bookman, and shopping their selection of horror books from the 90's. You know, from the reign of R.L. Stine. Last week I went, and picked up these babies.  I haven't read these ones yet, but I can't wait to. I'll make sure I keep you guys up on which one of these I'm reading. But for now, I've been busy reading what I bought on my last haul, which was The Babysitter series from R.L. Stine. The Babysitter series from R.L. Stine is about a girl named Jenny who is tormented by a mysteriou[...]