The Outsider


The Outsider is a Perfect Blend of Mystery and Horror

Seasons one and three of True Detective are among my favorite television stories of all time. It's rare that I find a show that has just the right blend of horror and mystery for me. But I found another one, and it's The Outsider, the new HBO show based on Stephen King's novel of the same name. I haven't read the novel, so I have no idea whether or not the adaptation is faithful, but I will tell you this--it's expertly crafted as a TV series. Halfway through the ten-episode series, the pacing has been perfect, and the way this mystery is unfolding is so, so good.[...]


All About NOT Believing

I recently finished reading Stephen King's latest novel The Outsider, which left an interesting thought crammed into the dark places of my mind. About the power of believing.   The beginning of the book dwells in proof, in what could be touched and seen, in what must be true. No matter how wrong the reality of the evidence seemed, Detective Ralph Anderson would not let go, would not question reality. By the middle of the story, dear Ralph questions everything, but remains firm in his grip on evidence, on DNA, on fingerprints, on eyewitnesses. Though no[...]