The Raven


I was Eleven, He was Creepy…A Love Story

It's Gothic horror month. *ahem* Let me try that again... IT'S GOTHIC HORROR MONTH!!!!!! The best type of horror. Dark and creepy and fabulous. Filled with sadness and longing, leaving disturbing images and emotions in your head. When I heard this month's theme, I knew I wanted to post about Edgar Allan Poe...of course my dear friend Amy had the same idea. Why wouldn't she? I mean EDGAR ALLAN POE! Go read her post here. I'll wait... The child of two actors, Edgar Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts in January 1809. His father abandoned him and his mother[...]


Edgar Allan Poe- The Raven

You may have heard from a little birdie there will be a poetry contest here on the blog in October. Well...that's the truth! I'll be posting more information soon, but to tied you over until then I thought I'd post my absolute favorite poem of all time. If you think you might be interested in winning some wonderful prizes for the best October themed poem, get ready:) The Raven BY EDGAR ALLAN POE Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—     While I nodded, nearly napping,[...]