The Smiling Man


Real Life True Horror

A real-life creepy thing happened to me today. It JUST happened so naturally my skin is still crawling. I should share it with you. I'm sure in time I will but man... I've been freaked out ALL DAY. It got me thinking about real-life creepy things. About true horror stories. About tales with twists and turns that sound absolutely like a nightmare...but they aren't. They are real life. One of the coolest things about horror movies and horror novels is that we can stands by and watch something utterly terrifying in the safety of our rooms, couches, or blan[...]


The Smiling Man – A True Story by Blue_Tidal

If there's one thing I love, it's a good scary story. And even more than that, I love it when a scary story is equal parts scary as it is creepy. And what  I love even more than that, is when said scary and creepy story is real. The following story I read one night on Reddit, and it was creepy. I knew it was good because as I read it, goosebumps crawled up my arms. Then, later that night, after I read it and I was home alone, I wanted to read it again. And again. Because it had stuck with me. I found myself wondering what I would do in the same situation. Then[...]