Midnight Society Movie Night: October Edition

Happy October! The best month, for everyday revolves around horror, at least it does for me. October means a Midnight Society Movie Night special month of fun. Tis be called Midnightober Movies! Shudder TV has already been celebrating. They started the #61DaysofHalloween at the beginning of September. Every night at 9 pm EST people watch a movie on Shudder and a few of us live-tweet! https://twitter.com/Shudder/status/1311685977363144704 Shudder posts a schedule each week. I missed so many, but I'm ready to jump in now and take advantage of this party[...]


Let’s Watch a Horror Movie: Get Out

Okay, my creepy-loving friends, time to announce the chosen movie for my monthly live-tweet. For June, let's watch a horror movie...GET OUT. The 2017 American horror film was written, co-produced and directed by Jordan Peele, his directorial debut. I have not seen this. AAAAHHHH! I tried to go to the theater, but the schedule was mean and said no. So I have no witty insights to share here, only the blurb from the back of the DVD case. "When Chris, a young African-American man, visits his white girlfriend's family estate, he becomes ensnared in the more sinis[...]


Let’s Watch a #Horror Movie…1408

Every month I get together with my horror-loving friends and live-tweet a scary movie. Because it's more fun with friends. This month I will be watching the 2007 psychological horror movie 1408, based on the Stephen King story of the same title. If you haven't read the story...do. I love it! Super creepy and weird and mind warping fun! You can find it in one of his anthologies.   The movie is pretty different than the written version. The main story is the same, just amped up a bit. When making a short story, rather than a full novel, into a movie there'[...]


Let’s Watch Horror Movies…Christmas Edition

I love horror movies! I love to live-tweet them too! Once a month, precious, I tweet all my thoughts and feelings as I watch a scary movie. I didn't know how much fun it would be. To be able to watch it with others makes it more fun. Through Twitter, we can connect over our love of the creepy. Last month my horror friend Andrea and I had a BLAST live-tweeting the movie Lights Out. Neither one of us had seen it, so it was a lot of great first reactions. I haven't been so scared watching a movie in a loooooong time. I held my breath through most of it, but you bette[...]


Let’s Watch a Horror Movie…Leprechaun

Hello, horror lovers. It's me, your scary movie buddy. I love watching shows that send me racing up the stairs at the end of the day, that cause me to leap into bed to avoid the reaching claws of whatever lurks underneath. And I am happy to watch by myself, because I have to, because no one here has any interest. But I sure do love sharing the experience with friends, with those who enjoy the creepy as much as I do. Which is why once a month I live-tweet a horror movie. And a few of us are having a super good time. It is horror/haunted houses month here at The[...]


Let’s Watch Horror Movies!

Happy December, Midnighters! I have an idea. I brilliant idea to bring all us horror lovers together. Do you like watching horror movies? Do you have anyone to watch them with? My hubs and kids do not like my scary movies. I have a drawer full of creepy and watch them alone. I go to the movie theater... alone. Those who would watch with me live far away. Overall, I don’t mind, but it would be fun to be with friends. Why not bring us together? Kinda. I ANNOUNCE THAT I SHALL LEAD A LIVE-TWEET OF A SCARY MOVIE ONCE A MONTH! We can all gather around ou[...]