Midnight Society Movie Night: October Edition

Happy October! The best month, for everyday revolves around horror, at least it does for me. October means a Midnight Society Movie Night special month of fun. Tis be called Midnightober Movies!

Shudder TV has already been celebrating. They started the #61DaysofHalloween at the beginning of September. Every night at 9 pm EST people watch a movie on Shudder and a few of us live-tweet!

Shudder posts a schedule each week. I missed so many, but I’m ready to jump in now and take advantage of this party. Better late than never…right?

Last week’s schedule!

I joined in for Daniel Isn’t Real last Monday and The Lift on Wednesday, making new horror friends on Twitter and having a great time! My goal is to watch as many of these as I can, which, unfortunately, won’t be all of them.

Daniel Isn’t Real was fun! A weird and creepy tale of growth as Luke finds his own power, though ends up unleashing evil to do so.

The Lift was…well, interesting. Not my favorite movie, lacking character building and a bit of story, it had a neat idea and a few good moments.

Scare Me premiered on Thursday and I found it a creepy and delightful romp through the world of how horror writers work. Two writers. Lots of stories. But there’s always that jealousy thing…

Shudder has so many movies: from slashers to paranormal, from old classics to new, from well known to indie films, and from all over the world. I’ve watched quite a few, but have barely scratched the surface. With so many choices, I scroll through the list forever. This is the perfect chance to dive in, go with the flow, and rid myself of the stress of choosing.

Go check out #61DaysofHalloween this October. I’ll tweet what I’m watching and when under #61DaysofHalloween and the special tag for the month #MidnightoberMovies. Come on this journey with me. A road filled with creepy and weird and possibly bloody makes the perfect path for the month.

At the end of the month, I want to wrap it up by watching Halloween…ON HALLOWEEN…9pm EST! Join me on #MidnightSocietyMovieNight #Halloween1978.

Movie poster for the 1978 film Halloween

Cheers and nightmares,


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