Midnight Society Movie Night: Lyle

September arrives and with it the announcement of this months live-tweet movie pick. Lyle. Watching movies, especially scary ones, is better with friends. Join me, by pushing play and adding your tweets to the mix.

Welcome to…

Written and directed by Stewart Thorndike, Lyle, a modern reimagining of ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, premiered at the 2014 Outfest in Los Angeles and features award-winning actress Gaby Hoffmann as Leah.

Movie poster for the 2014 film Lyle

TW: Child death. Though, for me, the movie handled this well. We know what happens, and it is terrifying and tears every heart in two, but without any graphic images.

About an hour long, the movie delves deep into the world of loss and the toll it takes on a parent. Leah struggles with the death of her child, but a question lingers at the edges of thought. For Leah is pregnant. Is there something evil lurking or could her mental state be fear of losing another child?


Some love this film and how it handles Leah’s fall into depression as she deals with the death of her child. Others remain unimpressed with the way the movie hangs on the edge of giving answers.

When I watched this, I admit to pushing play way too late at night, and my brain struggled to maintain power. Seeing it again has been on my to-do list. I enjoyed the feel of this movie and how it let me make my own conclusions. Leah stole the show with a fantastic performance of what a mother feels and how she reacts to a world she doesn’t trust.

Join me on Twitter #MidnightSocietyMovieNight and #Lyle Friday, September 25th at 9 pm EST. Watch with me as we fall into this tale of grief, doubt, and unease, or you can always read my millions of tweets. Pop the corn, friends, and bust out the chocolate for this wild ride into the oblivion of emotion.

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