The Perfect Horror Movie Buddy…A Girl and Her Dream

This is usually the post where I announce the scary movie I will live-tweet this month. Unfortunately, horror movie friends, because of vacations and children’s desires to BE INVOLVED IN ACTIVITIES… ugh, kids…

I will not be live-tweeting a movie this month.

Scene from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix... from Google Images

Scene from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix… from Google Images

*hands out tissues*

I know.

I know.

I have become incredibly attached to my live-tweets. I have so much fun, sharing my thoughts on the strange, unusual, and terribly creepy movies with everyone. Thinking of you all out there, smiling (or cringing) as you read my tweets makes me a happy gal.

Scene from IT...from Google Images

Scene from IT…from Google Images

If you recall, I began this adventure to unite all of us out there who love horror movies, but might not have someone to share the joy of blood and guts, of the dark and twisted. Like me! My husband is not a fan of films created by the desire to face fear, to gaze into the shadows, and look under the bed. My kids think I’m crazy-I have failed in their training.

I first watched horror movies with my dad. He never changed the channel, not caring if you were a small, impressionable child. Oh the wonders I saw. The terrible, insane wonders.

Scene from The Shining...from Google Images

Scene from The Shining…from Google Images

I got married and moved away from my dad, my horror buddy. And though I happily take myself to see the ghostly, grisly, and terrifying, alone…I dream of my perfect horror buddy.

Scene from Pan's Labyrinth...from Google Images

Scene from Pan’s Labyrinth…from Google Images

Could we be buddies?


First a little about my movie watching skills…

I watch perched on the edge of my seat, not cowering behind my hands.

I do not scream, but have been known to swear.

Scene from the TV show Farscape...from Google Images

Scene from the TV show Farscape…from Google Images

I will (for my own safety) pull my feet up onto my chair.

I must have chocolate (dark chocolate M&Ms are my first choice) while sitting enchanted by the flickering images of doom.

My favorite horror movies are ghosts/demons/gothic, but I do enjoy a bit of humor mixed in and wouldn’t say no to a slasher film.

Scene from the original Poltergeist...from Google Images

Scene from the original Poltergeist…from Google Images

I love being the only one in the theater, though I do like sharing the experience with one or two people.

Scene from Ghostbusters...from Google Images

Scene from Ghostbusters…from Google Images

A good jump scare is nice, but I love an overall creepy factor…a mystery to solve.

Scene from Insidious...from Google Images

Scene from Insidious…from Google Images

So…what do you say? Would you watch a movie with me?

When faced with a scary movie, who do you like to sit beside you?

Scene from Cabin in the Woods...from Google Images

Scene from Cabin in the Woods…from Google Images

Do you need someone to hold your hand? Hide behind? Do you like people who laugh when someone loses a limb (or head)?

Do you want to be surrounded by friends who scream louder than you, so you can deny the screaming?

Scene from the TV show Psych...from Google Images

Scene from the TV show Psych…from Google Images

Do you need someone to throw their arms around you to keep you from jumping out of your seat? Do you want complete silence? One person or a whole gaggle?

Would you like to debate the effectiveness of the blood splatters, the ghost’s motives for killing the entire cast, or the twist at the end?

Who is your perfect horror movie buddy?

IS IT ME?????


And have no fear…Let’s Watch a Horror Movie live-tweet will return in July.

From TV show Supernatural... taken from Google Images

From TV show Supernatural… taken from Google Images



  • Heather
    June 4, 2016

    I haven’t been able to make a life-tweet session yet, but I’m hoping to sooner or later. It does encourage me to watch movies I might not otherwise.

    I love jump scares, but I’m not opposed to many horror movies anymore. My best friend got me watching them and now I seek recommendations from a coworker. I’m game for anyone who will watch horror with me. Fiance isn’t a huge movie-watcher.

    I do prefer getting DVDs and watching at home. In the dark. With someone. I usually try to get my niece or best friend to watch with me. One day all three of us will be in the same room watching the same horror movie!

    I would totally watch horror with you! I end up discussing various things (including plot holes). And I frequently yell at the screen (alongside my friends) that characters shouldn’t “go in there” among all sorts of other bad choices. Why would you run into the attic or creepy shed to escape whatever creature or bad guy is after you? Why?!!?!?!?

    • Erica Davis
      June 4, 2016

      Heather, I yell at the plot holes too! But only if I am watching-as-a-writer. If I’m watching-as-a-movie-fan then I’m all in.

      • Kathy Palm
        Erica Davis
        June 4, 2016

        If I’m home there is all the yelling at the screen!

  • Erica Davis
    June 4, 2016

    KATHKATHKATH! My husband doesn’t watch horror with me. The dogs won’t stay on the couch next to me. Also: I hate-hate-hate-hate-HATE watching movies with ANYONE ELSE. Probably because I’m usually watching-as-a-writer these days. Can’t help it anymore. SO. My horror movie buddy is twitter. It doesn’t even matter if no one else sees it. As long as I have some tether to earth, I’m fine. Really. Just fine.

    • Kathy Palm
      Erica Davis
      June 4, 2016

      I LOVELOVELOVE when you tweet your horror movie experience! Keep doing it. FOREVER.

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