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Currently reading: The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing by Evan Marshall

I love books about writing. I could read them all day. I'm fascinated with writing practices from any perspective, but most recently I've shifted and have started to read books on the subjects by agents or editors, in addition to writers. I always take away at least one good nugget of information when I'm reading books about writing. This insight, along with the practice of writing and reading the genre you want to write, is a great way to learn more about writing, publishing, and how to make your books better. What am I reading? Last week I started The Mars[...]


Where to Query Your MG Horror Novel (Part 2)

The Where to Query series is now off to a running start and if I'm lucky, I'll have about as many addendums to this as there are Land Before Time movies. I wanted to do this because sometimes your eyes start to cross when you're researching agents. I know that sometimes I find myself wishing that someone would just make a list for me. So, here you go friends. A magical list put together just for your middle grade horror novel!   I've written one post previously on this, titled: Where to Query Your YA Horror Novel. That post is helpful for anyone to re[...]


5 Tips to Writing Horror for NaNoWriMo

Currently for NaNoWriMo, Brian and I are writing our new series, ORCHARD POINTE #1. Without giving too much away (though Brian did give away a few more hints today...that's right Brian. I see you.), it’s a young adult novel series that was inspired by some of our favorite creepy movies and novels and television shows and our HUGE imaginations. Currently we are sitting over 30,000 words, and if I’m being honest, it’s mainly due to the unwavering dedication of my incredible writing partner Brian LeTendre. I am so proud of our book. I really can't explain it o[...]


Street Teams for Horror Writers + Contest Alert!

Before I dive in, this is just a reminder that TONIGHT is our our monthly book chat on Twitter at 7 PM CST, using hashtag #MidnightBooks. Tonight we’re talking Amy Guiffrida’s The Bleeding Heart! See you there! I've been thinking a lot lately about street teams. Mainly because I have a book coming out soon. I feel like in the young adult realm, street teams are super common. What is a street team? A street team in the publishing world is a group of people who "hit the streets" to promote an author or a book. They may not ACTUALLY hit the streets, but they[...]


Ask The Midnight Society – Part One

The Midnight Society wanted to help our readers get to know them a little better, so periodically we'll be running "Ask the Midnight Society" where a question is asked and our members answer! Feel free to leave questions in the comments below for us to answer next time. Let's jump right off. This week we asked two different questions. 1. What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you? and 2. What are your writing / editing habits? Here is what we had to say... What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you? [color-box] Amy: One day when[...]