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Write for me….

Hello Kittens,   I want to play a game.     I've auditioned for a few IP projects lately. While none of them have panned out, writing something that was spawned in someone else's brain has resulted in a huge boost in my creativity. So much so, that I want to try it out with you. Yes, you, sitting there, idly reading this post, perhaps on the train on your way to work. I want you to create your own twisted, demented little story off the following prompt. I will think of something fantastic to send my favorite contributor. **Spoiler alert - i[...]


Monday Writing Prompt

There's no way to beat the Monday Blues than to write through them. Whether you're suffering through writer's block, working on a new book, or you're looking to understand your main character better... we've got a fantastic writing prompt for you. I personally love urban legends. A particular urban legend inspired this one. Monday Writing Prompt Your main character is parked in a car at Lover's Lane and he/she is making out with their love interest. Until they hear a sound... a strange sound. What happens next? ***** We'd love to read your answer in the comments[...]