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I’ve auditioned for a few IP projects lately. While none of them have panned out, writing something that was spawned in someone else’s brain has resulted in a huge boost in my creativity. So much so, that I want to try it out with you. Yes, you, sitting there, idly reading this post, perhaps on the train on your way to work. I want you to create your own twisted, demented little story off the following prompt.

I will think of something fantastic to send my favorite contributor. **Spoiler alert – it’s totally going to be something I brew up in my cauldron.**

So here we go! I’ll give you a few character traits, a smidgen of backstory, and a loose direction…you take it from there. Have fun with it and hopefully it’ll give your beautiful brain a boost.

Idea: M.Night Shyamalan’s THE VISIT meets HANNIBAL

Setting: Dusty, small town in the middle of nowhere. The gas station closes at 5 every day and nothing is open on Sunday.



Tellie is a sweet, charming southern belle. She is polite and smart, pretty and kind. She loves her boyfriend, Marc, and can’t wait to take him back to her home town.

Marc is on an academic scholarship and had no time for girls before he met Tellie. He’s fiercely loyal, witty, and would do anything for Tellie.


Marc has known Tellie was ‘The One’ since day one. Though they’re trying to take things slow and focus on their education, they get swept up in their relationship. Marc already wants Tellie to move off campus with him, but Tellie doesn’t want to take the next step until Marc meets her family. He jumps at the opportunity, even though Tellie has never offered any information on her family before. In fact, each time Marc mentions it, Tellie goes out of her way to avoid the subject. Marc knows something is going on, but he doesn’t know what, but he doesn’t care.

Tellie spent the last two years escaping the memories of her childhood, but all it takes is one letter from Mama to make her heart ache for home. They swear they’ve changed  – the darkness is behind them all now. Even Pops is whistling a different tune. After a few more letters, Tellie agrees to go home, but she’s bringing Marc with her. She wants Marc to meet her family, but it goes deeper than that. Tellie knows her family won’t act up with a stranger around.

Where you come in: Let’s start somewhere fun, shall we? Tellie and Marc have been staying with Tellie’s family for a couple days now. So far every thing has been fine, but Marc knows something is not quite right. Tellie’s dad keeps taking off in the middle of the night. When he returns, he locks himself in the commercial kitchen built into the basement until the afternoon. Marc swears he’s heard screaming on those nights, but Tellie doesn’t seem to hear a thing. That night – since Tellie and Marc are sleeping in separate bedrooms – they both sneak out in the dead of night. Tellie follows her father…Marc snoops around downstairs.

What happens next? What does Tellie see her father do? What does Marc discover in the the bowels of the basement?

I guess you’ll have to tell me….





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