Good-Bye True Blood (no spoilers)



Sunday night we said our final good-bye to the cast of True Blood and I can’t help but think back to the previous six episodes.

Season 1 we saw Sookie and Bill fall in love. It was a sweet beginning in the midst of all hell breaking loose.


Season 2 introduces us to Jess, who Bill has turned into a vampire. She has a difficult time dealing with the fact that she’s a creature of the night. We also find out Sam is a shape shifter. There’s some weirdness with Mary Ann and Jason is hiding out at a church camp.



Season 3 Alcide shows up in all his hotness and tries to protect Sookie–something that she seems capable of doing on her own. Sookie saves Eric from dying in the sunlight.



Season 4 Andy fights his addiction to V, which is taking over his entire life. Jason and Eric disappear. Arlene is pregnant. Jesus and Lafayette take a trip to Mexico to harness a Shaman’s power.



Season 5 brings an angry werewolf pack, the authority, and Russell Edgington.



Season 6 was full of sex and nudity. Sookie brings a new being into her bed and Warlow. Sam is the new mayor and Arlene takes over the bar.


And it all ended Sunday night. It hasn’t all been good or bad, just very different. I’ve read all of the books written by Charlaine Harris, and none of them has accurately depicted the novels. I wish there were more parallels to the original story, but a few of my favorite were maintained–like the love story between Sookie and Eric. No matter what, True Blood has given us 7 years of entertainment in the form of blood, sex, and paranormal creatures. But it was definitely time to end the show.


  • Faith McKay
    August 26, 2014

    I thought season one stayed fairly true to the book. I reread the first book and was pretty impressed with how close it was to the main parts–though there were a lot of characters and things added in, I thought that was nice. You can kind of watch it drift further away with each episode in the end of season one/season two.

    The tv series got started because Alan Ball, the show creator, read the books and fell in love, so he started things off pulling a lot more from them. He left True Blood season 5, and by that time the show was fairly unrecognizable from a book standpoint, and it’s hard to find similarities with six and seven.

    I wish Bubba had been in the show 🙂

  • krystal jane
    August 26, 2014

    It was definitely time for it to go. I read up until Book 8. On one hand, I like some of the changes, like what they did in season 2 and keeping Layfayette alive because that made no sense in the book, but there are some story lines I wanted to see to play out in the show, and they kind of just dumped the books after season 4 to do their own thing and I’ve been forcing myself through the show ever since. I will happily watch this last season, but I am glad to see it go at the same time.

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