Wow, the results for September’s Top Scare Flash Fiction contest were horrifying! Bravo to all participants. Here are a few of my favorite lines:


When my mom pledged, it was one of these bendy sisters that grabbed her hand and yanked it the second she slid it through the mail slot. But Mom didn’t scream and neither will I.

Shelli Howells

Her shuffle carried a little more energy as she made it back to the house. She took a seat on the sofa and with shaking hands tore open the envelope.

“I’m watching you.”

Kathy Palm

My fingers tug at the plastic band around my wrist. I wouldn’t let them cut it off. After months of therapy, I wanted to keep my problems.

Kat Conrad

For as long as Cassidy could remember, every day began the same. First there was the endless blackness that chilled her to her very bones and then, in an instant, she was standing in front of that beaten up old mailbox along the side of an old dirt road.

Amanda Carney

A list of ingredients and instructions for a ritual followed.

Feeling both ecstatic and terrified, Sylvia returned the letter to its envelope. Then, she gave
her hair a nervous pat and exchanged her slippers for her tired loafers. Her car keys and purse felt heavy in her hands. Unfamiliar.

She hadn’t left the house in over twelve weeks.

But she would do it for David. She’d do anything for him.

Randy Tayler

He pushed envelopes around, anxiously looking for his paycheck. There – he ripped it open and saw the check, attached to a stub relating all the taxes that had been withheld. Income Tax. Social Security. Murdering Your Wife. Dismemberment. Burial.


A tiny gasp escaped her lips as she released the lid, not even noticing that she had cut her hand open on the wood until a tiny drop of blood marred the breathtaking face. Grabbing a towel, she wiped the blood off the doll and put her in a place of honor on the mantle.

These were so frightful to read–and I mean that in the best way possible. Thank you to all participants! Remember, even if you’re not Top Scare for September, you could still be Top Scare for October. Keep writing!

After a lot of deliberation, I present the following…

TS September 14Congratulations, Jenna!

The October Contest

Post to the comments section below a piece of flash fiction (700 words or fewer) about the seemingly benign noun of the month. This month’s benign noun is a pumpkin patch.

Here are some images that could get you thinking, but you are not required to use them:

Pumpkin 2

The Prizes

On Thursday, October 30, the Top Scare will be announced.

The winner will still get a badge designed for the month, but because it’s a special month, the Top Scare has some AMAZING prizes for this month!

Shen HartThe October winner will also get a 10 k developmental edit from fantastic editor and author Shen Hart, of The Review Hart. That’s right people, a FREE 10k Developmental edit! You can’t beat that!

The Poisoned EmeraldTwo runners-up will get a signed bookmark of The Poisoned Emerald by Sarena and Sasha Nanua.

Bring on the nightmares!