Story time:

When I was a kid, kindergarten or first grade, I spent the night at my neighbor friend Tina’s house a lot. She had teenage sisters who were pretty and had big hair and tanned boyfriends. We felt all very grown up and mature and cool tagging along behind them when they did things.

One night when I was sleeping over, Tina and I were upstairs while the sisters and their boyfriends watched a movie on HBO. We heard them talking.. it was going to be scary. How hilarious, we thought, would it be to sneak downstairs, crawl behind the couches, wait for a really, really scary part, and then jump out and scare them?

Hilarious, amirite??

So we did. We crept down the stairs, crawled behind the couches, watched the movie for faaaarrrrr too long, waiting for the perfect part. We watched most of it. I forget if we ever jumped out to scare them. All I remember is that once that clown wrapped its hat around Robbie’s neck, I freaked the freak out.¬†

One of the sister’s boyfriends piggybacked me back over to my house at about midnight.

And I was scarred for 30 years.

The end.


But if you think I won’t be seeing the remake, you are mistaken. I hope beyond hope that this movie turns out great. The trailer looks very promising.


What do you think? Will you be seeing this remake?


Suzy G.