Let’s Watch a #Horror Movie…Annabelle

It’s that time again! To bring together all the lovers of the scary and creepy on Twitter for a live-tweet. Let’s watch a horror movie! This month…Annabelle.

2014 movie poster for Annabelle

A 2014 American horror film directed by John R. Leonetti, produced by James Wan, and written by Gary Dauberman, Annabelle was truly a delight to see in the theaters. And by delight I mean a creepy good time.

We met Annabelle briefly at the beginning of the movie The Conjuring…remember?

From the movie The Conjuring

Well, we did miss her and wanted to know how this doll came to be…you know, evil. Well…

Back in the 1970s, the happy couple of John and Mia Form were expecting their first child. Aw. And what is always great?

Getting your pregnant wife a present! The beautiful…NOT CREEPY AT ALL…doll she wanted.

Scene from 2014 movie Annabelle… Mia Form played by Annabelle Wallis and John Form played by Ward Horton

It’s not always a good idea to leave your favorite doll lying about when things go bad. Say a satanic cultist breaks into your house and slits her own throat…

Scene from 2014 movie Annabelle

While holding said precious doll.


And then things get weird.

Scene from 2014 movie Annabelle

Maybe the doll isn’t such a great thing to keep.

Being a reminder of the scary night, Mia throws it away. YEA!

After a fire nearly kills Mia, she goes into labor and has a daughter, Leah. They move into a nice new place where they can forget all the trauma.

Well, no. As Mia is unpacking…

Scene from 2014 movie Annabelle


So let’s put it in the baby’s room! This will be fine. Nothing can possibly go wrong.

Scene from the 2014 movie Annabelle

Annabelle isn’t the worst of their worries…

Scene from the 2014 movie Annabelle

But what is using the doll.

Things skittering across the ceiling. A super creepy elevator and basement. This movie is fun fun FUN! And has an awesome end.

Because you have heard, right? About Annabelle 2? YES!

And just a fun tidbit…because this movie is based on true events…

Picture of the real Annabelle all tucked away in her case at the Warren’s home. From Google images.

Get out your DVD and get ready to watch with me!

Stock up on snacks.

Turn the lights off.

Join me on Twitter #Annabelle on Friday, March 17th and press play at 9 EST. Add your thoughts to the mix and LET’S WATCH A HORROR MOVIE!


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