BEA 2015 Horror Edition

Each year I merrily make my way to NYC for BEA. For three whole days, I submerge myself in the book life and every time I make new friends and get fantastic books. This year was no exception; however, there were a handful of thrilling new things that happened and I can’t help but share them.

1. I got my hands on an amazing ARC of new YA horror!

Look at the inside…soooo cool!



2. THIS BOOK may not necessarily be considered horror, but seriously kick ass protagonist…yes, please!










3. I got to talk about my book to a few writers and bloggers–this was extremely difficult! BUT nobody flinched when I said horror! It was quite fun!

4. I got a tattoo. Yup. Went right to Infinity Tattoo and had them ink a raven on my wrist. For each book I publish, the plan is to add a new bird in a different position. The girl at the desk asked me what this was to symbolize and I actually didn’t hesitate before “I’m a horror writer” poured out of my mouth. Before I left, she took a pic of my book so she can order it later (of course a copy of TBH was in my purse).


Now, BEA will be held in Chicago next year. I’m not going. Nope. BEA should only be in New York. I know some will argue with me, but this is only my opinion. Instead, I’ll head to Las Vegas for RT in 2016! Hopefully there will be more talk of horror, since this is the direction new stories seem to be heading.

Amy - Midnight Society Signatures


  • Kathy Palm
    June 2, 2015

    Ah! I just entered a giveaway for The Dead House! And I’m so glad you had a great time. Horror writers rock! *high five*

    • Amy
      Kathy Palm
      June 7, 2015

      *high five* right back at ya! So happy to see so much more horror stories out there in the world!

  • Jolene
    June 2, 2015

    The Dead House is one of my most anticipated reads! Eeep!

    Also love the tattoo!

  • Kim Graff
    June 4, 2015

    Sounds like you had so much fun! I CANNOT wait until THE DEAD HOUSE!

  • Faith McKay
    June 9, 2015

    The Dead House cover pulls at me! I really want to check that out.

    Again, I love the tattoo!

    I didn’t know RT was going to be in Vegas in 2016. That sounds fun. 🙂

    • Amy Giuffrida
      Faith McKay
      June 9, 2015

      Missed RT in New Orleans, so there’s no way I’m missing Vegas!:)

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