Writing Bloody NaNo Edition

Writing Bloody 3

Because it’s Nano, I’d like to focus all writing questions this week on writing a lot of words in a short amount of time. So, here is what I’d like for you to think about and answer for my post next week…

  1. Do you know how many words you are able to write in an hour?
  2. Do you edit as you write or are you able to fast draft? If you fast draft—how the hell are you able to just dismiss punctuation? I’d love to learn to write like this, so any thoughts you have will help:)
  3. If you are a planner, how long did it take you to outline your book before you could begin drafting?


4.  Have you ever participated and won NaNo before? We’d love to share in your success:)

We welcome comments and would love to hear any NaNo stories you have, so please post in the comments. Also if you’re willing to add your author name, I’m sure you’ll find a few new buddy requests in your inbox.



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