Witch! Witch!


For just about as long as I can remember, I’ve had an obsession with witches. It probably ties into my infatuation with Halloween. But the crazy history, mystery, and magic that surrounds witches has always fascinated me.

I have a special announcement today… There will be a new blog series here at The Midnight Society, written by moi.

Announcing: Exploring the Cauldron!

Exploring the Cauldron Banner

In 2016, I plan to set out on a new journey that I have been wanting to take for quite some time. For Exploring the Cauldron, I plan to inquisitively and respectfully explore and examine witches from every angle. This includes look at the life and history of witches, witch portrayal in the media, spells and information, and anything else that may come up in my investigation.

Since I post weekly, Exploring the Cauldron will take place every other week. Don’t miss an installment! In the sidebar to the right, you can sign up to get our posts emailed straight to you (that’s what I do, because our other contributors write the CREEPIEST AND COOLEST things).


Collage board made with BeFunky.com. The images came from my Pinterest Witch board and Magic boards. Follow them for witchspiration (there you may also find the sources of said pictures).

Shout out to the fab Faith McKay for making me a fancy banner. She’s the best.


If you have anything witchy you’d love to see discussed, please tell me in the comments below, and I will do my best to cover it!

Have a magical day and guys, stay witchy.

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