If you’ve ever gotten a relaxing, tingly feeling while getting your hair done, having your eyes examined or listening to someone speak softly, then you have experienced ASMR–Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It’s a very calming sensation, and for many people, can be helpful in dealing with stress, anxiety, insomnia and more. Not everyone experiences ASMR, but if you are someone who does, there is an entire community of YouTubers are creating content designed to trigger that sensation.

As the ASMR community has grown over the past few years, the content has become much more diverse. You can find everything from the sounds of pages being turned in a book, to whispered or soft spoken let’s play gaming videos.

And guess what? Horror fans experience ASMR as well, and there is a ton of content for horror lovers in the ASMR community. Whether you want to watch someone play through a scary game like Resident Evil, or just hear someone read you a creepy bedtime story, there’s a little bit of everything out there.

I personally love to listen to horror stories to help me fall asleep, and I also experience ASMR. After enjoying a lot of the great content ASMRtists have put out over the past few years, I decided to create some of my own. A friend and I recently started an ASMR gaming channel called Let’s Play Quietly. And one of the video series I’ve started on that channel is reading short horror stories over different games.

So, if you experience ASMR, and are looking for a good scare, you might enjoy our new series at LPQ. And if you don’t experience ASMR, you might still enjoy this scary bedtime story all the same.