Addams Family Mansion LEGO SET!


We all went through a phase where we wanted to live in the Addams Family Mansion. Right? Well, now you can. If you’re very, very short.


So over on the LEGO ideas site, users can vote for ideas they want to see become sets. If an idea gets 10k votes (not an easy feat) that idea is then put through for review for possible production. The Addams Family Mansion has recently pulled those 10k votes and is on it’s way to (hoepfully) being approved and turned into an official lego set!


You can read an interview with the designer of the set on the LEGO ideas site.


I highly recommend checking out this YouTube video taking a closer look at the design.

What eight year old me would have given for an Addams Family Mansion LEGO set…

All right. Who else is stoked about this? And the big question: where are you going to put it once it’s available? Celebratory creep party in the comments!



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