Dark Arts & Crafts

It’s zombie month here at The Midnight Society!

But except for this gem (below), I don’t do zombies.

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies & Brains, 2011. Silkscreen, glue, marker on paper. Created in between projects during a grad art class.

But taking a photo of my Pride & Prejudice & Zombies & Brains piece only made me want to document some of the other arts and crafts lurking in my house. Because truth be told, this month is kicking my bum.

So I kind of feel like a zombie…that counts.

And so here, in no particular order, is my personal art gallery. And yes, everything is for sale*.

Thing With Teeth Eating A Cupcake, 2013. Watercolor, markers on paper. Created in hunger the week of my birthday. Fun fact: Don’t use markers on watercolor paper.


Tentacle Taking An Ice Cream Cone, 2013. Watercolor on paper. Created on a hot day.


Cheeseburger in Ketchup Lake, 2012. Acrylic on paper. Created while hungry.


Andy’s Favorite Quote, 2012. India Ink on velum. Positive created for my first silkscreen assignment.


Jane Austen’s Silhouette in Writing, 2012. India Ink on velum. Partial cut out of the positive created for my second silkscreen assignment.


Cupcake Lake, 2017. Watercolor on paper. Created during a lake house vacation with my mom and aunt. They wanted to do a Paint & Pour but we were in the middle of no where, so it would have taken an hour to get there, cost us a first born child, and then an hour back. So we did our own on the back deck, instead.


The Battle of All The Things, 2014. Sharpie, scratches, paint, on thrift store art. Created while waiting for a job offer that never came. I usually worked on it while watching Downton Abbey or Sherlock


Jane Austen’s Silhouette in Writing, 2012. India Ink on velum. Partial cut out of the positive created for my second silkscreen assignment. As much as I enjoy art, doing art for a grade is the worst.


Tree and Octopus, 2017. Acrylic on canvas. Created at one of those Paint & Pour events with some girlfriends. The instructor was half my age and twice my intensity. Worse than doing art for a grade, is doing art in a crowd when I could be eating a bacon cheeseburger.


Girl With a Pearl Snorkel, 2016. Ink on paper. Digital Image created on iPad with Notes. Original image: Leonardo Da Vinci. Ginevra de’ Benci, 1474-78.


Louis Braille, 1992. Ink, bumps, pencil on manilla file folder. Created for a fifth grade project on a famous person in history.


The Angel Falls, 1991. Pencil, crayon, marker on paper stuck to a clear yellow report cover by unknown substance. Created in fifth grade for Social Studies. My mom wrote a note to the teacher asking her to please let me do this topic because I was giving myself an ulcer worrying that she (the teacher) had listed 20 topics for us to choose from, but there were 21 of us and everything else was taken.


8-Bit Batman Braille, 2017. Acrylic, paint chips, glass beads on canvas. Created for a friend and his daughter who are learning Braille. I didn’t measure perfectly, so the left side wraps around but I like the way it mimics what light would do on a corner. It bends.


Embroidered Hogwarts Seal, 2017. Embroidery floss on needlepoint fabric. Created while binge watching Game of Thrones.


I Saw It On Pinterest and Andy Knew the Reference–From a Video Game With That Elf Guy Maybe?, 2017. Paint chips, glue, acrylic on reverse side of reclaimed canvas of thrift store art. Created because I still had paint chips left over and I loved my new paper cutter. I wanted to get one of those 1″ square punches form Michaels, but it was twice as expensive as this mini paper cutter.


Companion Cube Silverware Caddy for Andy Because Friendship, 2017. Acrylic, paint chips, paper, glue, ribbon, on a cardboard pencil holder. Created because we have friends over for game nights and I didn’t have a silverware caddy yet. 


Bethany Robinson Can Eat It. How Could You Not Like This Photograph? It’s Amazing. It’s a Watermelon Cut Up Into Pluckable Bite Sized Bits. Seriously, What Are You, Even?, 2017. Cube cut slices on watermelon. Created while hungry, hot, and too tired to make coffee. OMG I love watermelon. And you B!

*for one billion dollars.

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