I have a slight obsession with horror movies. Whenever I end up at a store, it is impossible for me to pass the movie section. Those big bins filled with cheap movies? Yeah…I lose hours of my life.

Always on the look out for horror movies I haven’t seen, for scary tales I haven’t heard of, it has become a problem. The horror movie drawer is full…and yet, I buy.

October is the perfect time for this.

Horror movies get their own Halloween-y section! And so many of them are $5.

SyFy channel is on its 31 Days of Halloween…playing creepy movies all the time, some old, some new, and some original SyFy productions.

Now, I have learned through the years that picking up a $5 movie on a whim or watching a SyFy original can be risky.

I have been disappointed. I have gotten to the end and cringed. If I’m lucky, it had an intriguing image or idea. Though I have a few movies, I should just toss out.

Most are okay. Nothing incredibly special, but fun.

Every once in a while, I find one that I really enjoy, a movie I hadn’t heard of, that sent my brain into happy-horror land. So the risk is worth it!

Tuning into TV horror is also a risk, but…

This month has been SUPER!

I have seen movies I have somehow missed:

Silent House…DUDE…just dude.

Trick ‘r Treat…THAT WAS A FUN TRIP!

Jennifer’s Body…I didn’t think I’d like it, BUT I DID

Jeepers Creepers…AH!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre…TWISTED.

Hollow Man…not my favorite…but interesting premise.

Drag Me to Hell…Whoa.


Joy Ride…A crazy ride.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose…NICE!


And a shout out to all the original movies SyFy has given us this month. I never have high expectations for these, but some have been so fun! I am loving the…

House of the Witch

Truth or Dare


The Sandman

This weekend, something called…Stickman…

I am DVRing so many things. Thank creepiness that the month isn’t over yet. Anyone else out there watching these horrible/wonderful movies?

I have never been in such a happy horror movie place.