CHANNEL ZERO: NO-END HOUSE Is Disturbingly Great

I really, really enjoyed the first season of SyFy’s Channel Zero series, Candle Cove. While it had its rough spots, the premise of a super creepy kids’ show coupled with some great imagery carried the season.

Season two of the Creepypasta-inspired series is not short on frightening imagery either, but it’s so much deeper and consistently disturbing that it surpasses the first season in almost every way.

Titled “No-End House,” this season’s story begins with the legend of a haunted house that appears in a random location once per year. The house allegedly has six rooms, and each one gets progressively scarier than the last. Most people who go in bail before they get to the last room, and those that venture in it are allegedly never seen again.

That’s a fantastic setup, but where last season rested a bit on premise, the horror of this season lies in the baggage that each character takes into the house. Grief, relationships, memories and loss are themes that are explored for each character, and who you relate to will likely depend on the baggage you take into this series. There are some gut punches along the way, made all the more powerful by the fantastic performances of Amy Forsyth (Margot), John Carroll Lynch (The Father) and Aisha Dee (Jules).

I cannot recommend this season of Channel Zero enough. At six episodes, it’s not a huge time commitment, though I would advise against binging the whole thing in one sitting. There’s a lot to think about here, so maybe spread it out over two or three sessions.

Have you seen Channel Zero: No-End House? Let us know what you think!

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