Hannibal For my very first post at Midnight Society, I talked about my love for cannibals, and specially for Hannibal. For those of us who are insane for the show, we’re called Fannibals. We’ve seen all the episodes (at least once, probably three times) and we are in awe of the brilliance and all the feels it gives us.

will feelsThe show is a total mind-f*ck, but it the best of ways. I’d argue that it’s the best horror on television, which is why it shocks me beyond words that NBC is the one who is behind Hannibal. You wouldn’t think that a network like that would be okay with all the violence or ever be able to produce something of such extremely high quality.

This is the perfect show for someone who doesn’t think they like horror. No one can hate Hannibal. (And if you do, you’re dead to me.) 

Reasons Why You Must Watch It

Hannibal isn’t grotesque horror. Yes, Dr. Hannibal Lecter eats people, and yes there are some rather high-violent deaths, but the grotesque bits of the show are there for a purpose—to offset the really beautiful parts. It’s a contrast, and trust me, most of the show is beautiful. I mean, come on, look at Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal):

Feels Hannibal Styole

But seriously. It’s a great show, it makes you sympathize for the devil in ways you never thought possible. Will’s level of empathy is remarkable. Hannibal’s level of twisted logic…interesting.

Hannibal is a psychological horror unlike any out there. It’s truly a mind-f*ck, yes I said it again. But really, you don’t know what Will or Hannibal are ever up to. They are always playing each other, or playing others, and it’s like what is going on? drama in the best possible way.

Will Always

Hannibal/Will. These two are just the best (also, Mads and Hugh are gorgeous). They have a weird friendship. They are like the highest form of fri-enemy. They have an amazing dynamic and great chemistry on screen. (Also, I ship Hannibal/Will, and pretty much everyone on tumblr agrees with me.)

Acute Emotional distress

Mads. I mean, Mads. Just look at him.

Don't you just wanna hug him?

Don’t you just wanna hug him?

Oh, did I not also mention that it’s got a 100% Rating on Rotten Tomato and was voted BEST OF THE BEST on Hulu? Yeah. That’s right. It’s THAT good that even the Rotten Tomato could find no fault with it. If you aren’t watching it, it’s seriously and forever your loss.

Hannibal Approval

How to enjoy Hannibal?

My recommendation is never eat while watching Hannibal (particularly for the weak stomachs out there)  and (only if you are of age) grab a bottle of wine. Sit back, turn off your phone/computer/distractions and just watch. The show has depth that you’ll easily miss if you are only paying attention halfway.

hannibal wine