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Moonlight TV Show

At home for a few days with sick kids, who then got me sick--so thankful they feel the need to share their germs--I got a little bored with what was available to stream. A while ago, I had downloaded the CW Seed app to my Apple TV so I could watch Constantine (see my Constantine TV post here and Brian's Constantine comic post here). After this, I didn't pay the rest of the shows any attention. So sick kids and mom rediscovers the app. Following? It seems as though 2006/07 were the comercial comeback years for vampires. Stephanie Meyer brought us sparkly Edward[...]


Are you a Fannibal yet?

For my very first post at Midnight Society, I talked about my love for cannibals, and specially for Hannibal. For those of us who are insane for the show, we're called Fannibals. We've seen all the episodes (at least once, probably three times) and we are in awe of the brilliance and all the feels it gives us. The show is a total mind-f*ck, but it the best of ways. I'd argue that it's the best horror on television, which is why it shocks me beyond words that NBC is the one who is behind Hannibal. You wouldn't think that a network like that would be okay with[...]


Monsters of Dr. Who… Morbius

It’s the third Friday of the month and I know you’re excited for Dr. Who day! Where I search for horror in a sci-fi show, which isn’t difficult at all. In my last post, we met the Daleks, who run rampant throughout the series, however, today’s monster appeared in one episode. The Brain of Morbius was originally broadcast in 1976, written by Terrance Dicks and Robert Holmes. The Fourth Doctor and his fabulous companion Sarah Jane... land on the rocky planet Karn littered with wrecked spaceships and a headless body of the alien. Of course in true Doc[...]