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At home for a few days with sick kids, who then got me sick–so thankful they feel the need to share their germs–I got a little bored with what was available to stream. A while ago, I had downloaded the CW Seed app to my Apple TV so I could watch Constantine (see my Constantine TV post here and Brian’s Constantine comic post here). After this, I didn’t pay the rest of the shows any attention. So sick kids and mom rediscovers the app. Following?

It seems as though 2006/07 were the comercial comeback years for vampires. Stephanie Meyer brought us sparkly Edward Cullen, while in TV land Moonlight began it’s first (and seemingly last) season. Both paranormal romances have one thing in common–male vampire falls for human girl. But Moonlight is definitely the more adult version. And to be honest, it reminds me of the show Angel. THIS IS A TOTAL WIN BTW!

Mick is a Los Angeles private dective, who has been a vampire for about 50 years. He was turned on his wedding night by his wife, who he eventually killed for kidnapping a young girl. And it’s this girl who he follows/stalks until their paths cross during an investigation. Mick and Beth fight their feelings for each other until the end, until there’s nothing to do but give in.

Over the course of the season, Mick protects Beth (duh, because all stories have the male protecting the seemingly weaker sex), but also Beth protects Mick a few times. AND HE IS OKAY WITH IT!

Are there cheesy moments? Absolutely! But if you know anything about me, you know I luvs the cheese! And there are also times where I wanted to yell at the TV, because it falls into the tope pitfalls. If you look at the show in its entirety…for all vampire fans out there it is well worth the watch.

Video disclaimer: some of the characters in the trailer are portrayed by different actors in the show.

  • Krystal Jane
    February 13, 2018

    I loved Moonlight! I have it on DVD. I remember seeing the previews, but I never saw it while it was on air. I don’t remember what channel it was originally on, but it was kind of in a horrible time slot. Like Friday nights at like 8 or 9. And that trailer is hilarious and terrible. But the show was so fun! ^_^

  • Kathy Palm
    February 15, 2018

    OMG I forgot about this show! But I watched it!

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