Best Summer Ever with SYNC

For the past several years I’ve partaken in AudioFile’s Sync summer program.


What is it?

AudioFile’s Sync program basically connects you (the reader) with fantastic and free audiobooks over summer. Each week two ebooks are up on their site and you can download them for free. They always pair one YA novel with a classic novel. They do this to promote reading, literacy, and listening in young people across the nation.

Straight from their website: SYNC gives away 2 FREE audiobook downloads every week each summer. In 2014, 26 titles were given away over 13 weeks. In 2015, 28 titles will be given away over 14 weeks starting May 7th.



Which books will be featured?


You can find a master list of the 2015 audiobooks here. This weeks classic seems absolutely perfect for the Midnight Society as it’s Dracula! But among the others, this year we also have Beautiful Creatures, The Living, Monster, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Great Expectations, Lord of the Flies, and Dracula.

Beautiful Creatures


Every Thursday the audiobooks are switched out (so keep in mind that it doesn’t run a normal Monday through Sunday week).


You DO have to have Overdrive installed on your computer to grab these, which is also a free program. Like I said, I’ve used this for years and I have had zero issues or problems with it.

That’s it, I figured I should share because I shouldn’t be the only one collecting the audiobook bounty!

Happy listening,

Jolene - Midnight Society Signatures

  • Faith McKay
    June 9, 2015

    This is so cool. I’ve always wished I could get into audio books, but I can’t seem to pay attention when I’m listening.

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