TW: Grief (so I’m rearranging my bookshelves)

TW: Grief, death.

TL, DR: Mom’s still dead and books make me happy.

The Davis Girl's Bookshelves

These are my bookshelves as of 11:43am today (EST). I am open to suggestions for how to organize them!

It’s coming up on a year since my mom died and I Am Doing Okay I Think™️.

Of course there are bad days, like yesterday, when I was already worn out from last week’s move, had some Prickly and Mysterious Sassiness, multiplied by a suspected gluten-trigger…when I reached for my cell to call Mom.

If only we had that good of coverage.

But then, Future Erica, who is much more adjusted than I am, reminded me of something my grief counselor (GC) told me: Nature abhors a vacuum (Aristotle, I think?).

What GC meant was this: if I’m not doing anything (read: exhausted, drained, DONE) then my thoughts are more easily going to go to the dark places that keep memories of my parents’ deaths nice and ripe. My brain on grief is like a hangry toddler in the knife store. Not great. So let’s give That Hangry Toddler That Is My Grief-Brain something to do.

But what?

My GC recommends engaging any two (2) or three (3) of my senses at a time.

For example:

If I crochet (touch) AND watch Netflix (see/hear) AND/OR light a vanilla cupcake candle (smell, see, touch), then there’s little space for the horrible or triggering or sad memories to seep through.

Because those spaces are filled by one of my *six senses.

And reader, it helps me. A few of the combos that pulled me out of a funk faster than anything have been:

Writing + Netflix (something familiar [Friends, Gilmore Girls] but MUTED) + a new scented wax melt

Netflix + candle + coloring

Bubble bath + music + candle

Editing + candle + pizza

Pizza + Netflix + three dogs drooling on my lap

So today, one year and three days since I was with my mom before the quick decline, I am rearranging my bookshelves in my new home office, while listening to the fan rattle, and drinking coffee.

Books + fan + coffee.

And now, what we’re all here to see…the shelves:

The Davis Girl's Bookshelves

These are my bookshelves as of 11:43am today (EST). I am always open to suggestions for how to organize them.

I have close up photos for all twelve shelves here, but my tech isn’t cooperating so I’m going to walk away for a bit of Bacon, Cheese, and Netflix now. 

In conclusion, it’s good to be back. 


The Davis Girl







*You read that correctly because I typed it correctly.

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