Midnight Society Movie Night: Truth or Dare

It’s time for the Midnight Society Movie Night announcement! Let’s watch Truth or Dare. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve been watching a lot of very happy, very cute Christmas movies, so I think it’s time for some screaming and fear. What’s better than watching people try to escape gruesome deaths? Not a lot.

Are you ready?


Movie poster for 2018 horror/thriller Truth or Dare

I didn’t see this one in the theater. Why? Well, I was confused every time I saw the trailer, BECAUSE I JUST WATCHED A MOVIE CALLED TRUTH OR DARE I WAS CERTAIN. Complete the dare or die…tell the truth or die…

Directed by Jeff Wadlow, produced by Jason Blum and Couper Samuelson, this 2018 thriller follows a group of college friends to Mexico for one last trip before graduation. A stranger pulls them into playing a game. Truth or Dare. Only a force, something evil awakens, forcing them to share their darkest secrets or face their deepest fears.

Tell the truth…or die.
Do the dare…or die.
Stop playing…die.

So familiar. Too familiar.

I finally realized why, for SyFy channel aired their own movie called Truth or Dare during the 31 Days of Halloween in 2017. This is the movie I watched, the reason for my confusion.

Movie poster for the 2017 SyFy Channel production of Truth of Dare

Directed by Nick Simon, produced by Lisa M. Hansen and written by Thommy Hutson and Ethan Lawrence, this 2017 SYFY film shows college friends off for a weekend of fun at a “haunted” house. Alcohol fueled minds decide to play a game. Truth or dare. The game wakes an evil force in the house, which reveals if the truth isn’t told and demands that they do the dare or the dare does them. If only they can survive all the rounds, they might have a chance to live a life haunted by a game.

It was fun. Nothing too deep, just a group trying to not die and the dares were interesting. The characters were pretty stereotypical. Scary? Maybe. The thought of having no control over your life is a bit unnerving.

The two seem really similar, and, since I had just seen one, I decided not to go to the theater for the new one.

However, when the DVD appeared, I bought it…only I didn’t, for as I watched I realized that it was the one I saw on TV. Seriously, I thought I lost my mind, thinking that I had made up the one that was in the theaters.

But no. I found it and haven’t watched it. I already confessed to sitting in front of all the Christmas movies.

So, watch it with me! I am interested to see how this one compares to the SyFy version. I don’t expect to be running up the stairs in fear after watching it, but I do expect to watch a bunch of people die in new and fun ways.


Friday night January 18th at 9 EST, join me on Twitter for the live-tweet of Truth or Dare (the one on Netflix is the 2017 SyFy one not the one I will be tweeting). Find me on #MidnightSocietyMovieNight and #TruthorDareMovie. Press play with me, say hi, and add your tweets to the fun.


Til we meet again, cheers and nightmares, friends!





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