Happy Birthday to the magnificent, creative Erica!

Today is a special day. Why?

Today is Erica’s birthday!!!

You probably know her as the creative mastermind behind fun crafts and her Etsy store. You can see more of them on her website.

Or maybe you know her as an illustrator and freelance editor. She’s been killing it with her creations for years.

Or maybe you know her the best dog mom. There’s a lot of cute pics all over her Twitter, because Erica has a heart of gold.

You most definitely know her as an incredible writer, a hilarious friend, and a badass person who uplifts others.

Happy Freaking Birthday Erica!

To kick it off, we made you a cake. All of us. It got a little messy, and we’re not sure it’s entirely safe to eat, but we did it. Go ahead, try a slice!


Next, we thought you might want some food. At the very least your pups will. Mummy pizzas anyone?


Or how about some Eye Scream Cookies? They’re dangerous but delicious. Plus, everyone knows they only have one good bite in them.


We’re also whipping up Sierra Mar Lavender Martinis, complete with all-you-can-eat eyes. Here’s the recipe:

2 sprigs of fresh lavender
1 small sugar cube
Crushed ice
2 oz. Hangar One Straight Vodka
Splash of Sierra Mar lavender mix *

With a wooden muddler or the back of a spoon, press together the lavender buds of 1 sprig and the sugar cube in a martini shaker. Pour in ice and vodka and shake vigorously. Strain well and serve up. Garnish with lavender sprig.

* Sierra Mar lavender mix:
1 part concord grape juice (organic)
1 part Chambord

Sierra Mar Lavender Martini

No good party is complete without a few games. We have campfire stories at the ready in the backyard. We put baby piranhas in the pool for a fun surprise. And we’re also making voodoo dolls in five minutes so get ready!


Happy Happy birthday wonderful Erica! We are so thankful that you’re our friend. We are lucky to know you and we’re so glad that you’re a part of The Midnight Society.

We are beyond lucky to know you. Thank you for everything you do, and for sharing your thoughts and creativity with the world. It’s better because of it!

We love you lady!



The Midnight Society

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