Music to Write Scary Stories To: Dying Light (Original Game Soundtrack)

It’s Camp Nano time, and if you’re writing horror like all of us here at the Midnight Society, you need some good music to write to.

I tend to flip between horror movie and video game soundtracks, and one of my absolute faves is on Spotify now, so you can check it out for free–the soundtrack for 2015’s Dying Light.

The soundtrack, composed by Pawel Blaszczak, is like a modern John Carpenter movie score. The main theme creepy, while making you want to go out and kick zombie ass at the same time. Many of the tracks are variations on that core theme, and it’s super impressive how many different ways Blaszczak uses it. There are some really emotional tracks as well, and it’s a great mix of moments big and small.

If you dig this soundtrack, you can support Pawel buy heading over to his Bandcamp page and buying some of his music. He’s incredibly talented, and I’ve enjoyed everything he’s put out so far.

As for Dying Light, it’s one of my all-time favorite games, and one of the reasons is because of the incredible, immersive soundtrack that Pawel created for the game’s world.

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