Horror Apps


All That You Touch, You Change

You wake up alone, locked in an empty room. You lift up the phone from its cradle, and a scratchy voice intones, “All that you touch, you change.” The message repeats, no matter how many times you try to use the phone. It’s flat. Insistent. Its cadence is off, like something trying to sound human. So begins Cube Escape: Seasons, the first in a series of surreal horror games set around, and beneath, Rusty Lake. On the surface, the Cube Escape games are lovely, pastel escape rooms. Haunting music plays as you explore. You find objects while exploring each[...]


Night Terrors…the Game

Months ago, Midnighter Kim posted on FB about a new game to play on your phone. Night Terrors. Go read that article here. Now...the game is up. You can buy it for $.99. So I did. WHY NOT IT SOUNDS SCARY AND FUN! After the game was available, I grabbed my phone and went to the App Store...typed in Night Terrors and got this... The description says... And I am quoting! Lights off. Headphones on. Survive. Question reality. Face your fears. Explore the paranormal. Night Terrors will attack every one of your senses in an effort to deliver the most heart-thumpin[...]


It’s dangerous to go alone, take this.

There's a lot of things out there that will kill you, but sitting seems to be creeping up the ladder. Weird, right? I work for a tech company where a lot of people have jumped on the standing desk bandwagon to reduce the number of hours they remain planted on their butts and increasing their chances of chronic disease, reduced life expectancy, kidney disease, crappy mental health, obesity, and just plain death. Death. Death. Death. (Check out this article from Popular Science if you're curious.) I don't know about you, but I sit at work when I'm not running betwe[...]