Night Terrors…the Game

Months ago, Midnighter Kim posted on FB about a new game to play on your phone.

Night Terrors. Go read that article here.

Now…the game is up. You can buy it for $.99. So I did. WHY NOT IT SOUNDS SCARY AND FUN!

After the game was available, I grabbed my phone and went to the App Store…typed in Night Terrors and got this…


The description says… And I am quoting!

Lights off. Headphones on. Survive.

Question reality. Face your fears. Explore the paranormal. Night Terrors will attack every one of your senses in an effort to deliver the most heart-thumping experience ever seen on mobile devices.


-Night Terrors is played indoors, at night, with the lights off and headphones on.

-Part of the experience includes figuring out what to do.


Night Terrors: The Beginning is just that- a beginning. This is a small glimpse of what is to come. We will be continually updating with new content and fright-filled, one-of-a-kind experiences.


I bought it, plugged in my headphones, and pressed the App. It begins with a disclaimer, of course…


Then this…


I did…

My house became super creepy. The sound of thunder crackled through the headphones. Weird blips and bloops as if the phone was having technical difficulties caused me a little unease. A bit of static crossed the screen. And this strange humming came and went, but I wasn’t sure if it was part of the game…or simply the sound my mic picked up as I whipped it around.

To be honest, I couldn’t stand the anticipation and turned on a couple of little lights. THE UNKNOWN IS SCARY AND MY IMAGINATION WAS RUNNING WILD.

I lasted about ten minutes.

*hangs head in shame*

The next day I got up and before it was truly light, tried again. Not quite as creepy as in the dark, I decided to ease my way in. Obviously I need to work on my bravery. I wandered around and the thunder boomed, the static static-ed. After about 20 minutes, I gave up to do adult chore-type things.

The next time I attempted it in the early morning hours, I sat to do writing stuff and let it run for an hour…the thunder sounded, then stopped. The static happened periodically…the strange humming came and went. I wanted to know if things would happen. I wanted to know what would happen…

Then at about 15-17 minutes in two bright flashes of light! And a loud zap zap!


Then nothing.

Ugh. I must be doing something wrong. (besides the not wandering in the dark of night) Then I read through the directions again and saw…

“-Part of the experience includes figuring out what to do.” Remember that from above? Yeah.


It’s no big secret that:

1. I am not that great at video games.


2. I tend to jump in without having a clue and hope I can just do things. (which doesn’t work all the time or ever really)

I finally put on my big horror fan girl pants and walked around the house at night with the lights off, determined to wander and look and listen and FIGURE IT OUT!

I have a two story house, but stayed on the first floor…I just did, not sure if it matters or not.

Thunder. Static. That weird humming THAT HAS TO MEAN SOMETHING RIGHT? And at the 15-17 minute mark the two flashes of light and the loud zap! When I heard the humming change, grow, intensify, I stayed there, looking around, hoping ti would lead to something, but sadly, no.

Then my hubs walked in and I called it quits at 30 minutes. Because he looked at me funny and wanted to turn the lights on and watch TV in the dark room where I was wandering in and out of like a lost ghost hunter.

So my experience hasn’t been that spectacular. But I’m not giving up.

Here’s what I have learned so far.

It starts the same every time. The same sounds…thunder and static and humming. The same flashes at about the same time.

Wandering in your house in the dark with that not-so-bright phone light is creepy. The dark doorways transform into the entrances to hell.

That I have no idea what I’m doing. And figuring it out might take more time than I hope. This is not a wander around and see things kind of game.

I am not a quitter, so I will continue to play because the images and things they describe look cool.

Maybe I should go upstairs? I have no idea.

I am a big scaredy baby. Dude. They are going to warp MY HOUSE into a scary thing. I have a feeling that when I do start to experience the technical paranormal, I’ll never look at my house the same ever again. And I already find myself running up the stairs at night, so it’ll be fine.

I’d love to have a partner in crime for this. Two of us wandering around in the dark would be fun!

I will keep you updated, sharing what I learn as I go. Overall, it’s creepy. The atmosphere it creates is fabulous.

Anyone out there have this? Going to try it now? Let me know what you learn! We can do this, together!

And possibly scream like small children.



FYI- I am live-tweeting the new LIGHTS OUT movie (yes, the one that was in theaters a few months ago!) tonight!


9 EST on #LightsOut! I will be watching it for the first time as I tweet. Should be fun!

  • Krystal Jane
    November 18, 2016

    No way I would play this by myself. I think it would be really fun with a couple of teams of people playing though. A couple of groups of three maybe. One upstairs, one downstairs. That might be fun. Or inside and outside of a cabin in the woods…

    • Kathy Palm
      Krystal Jane
      November 19, 2016

      A ghost hunting crew would be awesome! Maybe they’ll do something like that in the future with multiple players. I am still working on being brave. Lol!

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