New #Horror: Fear the Walking Dead

Last Sunday, the first episode of Fear the Walking Dead aired on AMC. The acting, writing, and production value I've enjoyed on The Walking Dead are here as well, so I'll be watching the second episode tonight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDxew5SguVw One of the reasons zombies are such a popular trope right now is how ripe (ha!) they are for the thematic explorations of our world. In the first episode, the following concepts were introduced. Check out how timely they are: 1. Addiction The show opens on Nick Clark (played by Frank Dillane), a heroin addict,[...]


‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Shows Promise

(NOTE: I will keep this review as spoiler-free as possible, for those who have not seen the first episode of Fear the Walking Dead yet.) I was very pleasantly surprised by the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead (FTWD) this past Sunday. I believe it actually has the potential to be a better show than its predecessor, if the show doesn’t squander its biggest asset--the fact that it’s set before the full-blown zombie apocalypse. See, I don’t care why the outbreak started--in fact, I hope we never find out. What FTWD is exploring so far (and granted, it’s o[...]