Anne Rice


Horror is in the Eye of the Beholder

My day was filled with body horror. I was taking an online first aid course.  I was expecting a review of CPR and how to use an AED machine.  But the first aid section was the stuff of horror movies: shockingly graphic and so, so bloody. The wound care module opened with an arm so lacerated, they could’ve been fighting off Jason Voorhees and a freshly sharpened machete.  But the eye module was worse.  I now know the proper first aid if you have your eyelid sliced off.  Not just cut open, so your eye socket fills with blood and you need stitches.  No[...]


Vampires & Ancient Egypt: A Blood-Curdling Combination

I have mentioned before how obsessed I am with Ancient Egypt. But my love of dark things doesn't stop there. The Vampire Chronicles When I was in high school, I quickly got hooked On Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles series. The rich language, the intriguing characters, and the otherworldly stories made it easy to fall in love with the books. Luckily for me, it didn't take long for my two loves to combine. In both The Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned, there is mention of the very first vampires, Queen Akasha and King Enkil, who ruled Egypt. However, they[...]


Poor Polidori: Granddad of the contemporary vampire

In the summer of 1816, a group of artists, poets, and friends gathered together at the Villa Diodati on Lake Geneva in Swizerland. Sounds quaint enough. So here’s the dirt, and I’m paraphrasing liberally from a couple of different sources: Mary Shelly’s step-sister, Claire Clairmont, had the idea: she was hooking up with Lord Byron and even though he wasn’t really feeling it, she decided to “surprise” him in Swizerland though he never really invited her along for the trip. With her, Claire brought Mary and her main squeeze, Percy, along for kicks. Pe[...]


Prince Lestat is BACK!

For those of you who didn't see my freak out about my CP finding a copy of Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice for me at BEA, here it is again... THIS is just how excited that there is a new installment coming out--featuring Prince Lestat. I CANNOT WAIT to see what Ms. Rice has in store for us this time! Hardcover, 464 pages Expected publication: October 28th 2014 by Knopf Publishing Group *** From Anne Rice, perennial best seller, single-handed reinventor of the vampire universe beginning with the now iconic INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE, THE VAMPIRE LESTAT[...]