Bates Motel


#BatesMotel Wrap-up and Predictions

Sadly, Bates Motel has come to an end for the third season. Norman's hallucinations are increasing, and he's committed another murder as "Norma," bringing us closer in line with the movie canon. Norma has finally admitted that Norman is unstable, and that has increased the conflict between Norma and Norman. Dylan and Emma FINALLY kissed (so sweet!), and Emma's getting new lungs. Caleb is gone again. Romero is in love with Norma and trying not to be. He's sick of the corruption in the town. Major Questions in Season 3 How far should we go to break the law for[...]


Reclaim Horror: Bates Motel

Bates Motel is my favorite show on television, and it just returned for its third season last week. The first 20 episodes are on Netflix right now, so get caught up and join the club. According to IMDB, Bates Motel is a mystery/thriller. Wikipedia categorizes it as a drama/thriller. I discussed that sprawling genre, the thriller, last month. In Bates Motel, there are mysteries (where is the abducted girl?) and drama (my uncle is my dad?), but the thrills should be classified as chills. While the original book, Psycho, is considered a suspense novel, the TV show[...]